Home remodeling projects that remove or move existing walls can open up a world of unforeseen problems

With pipes and wiring where you had no idea they were there or what they do. Switches could be 3-ways, giving options like moving the switch or eliminating the extra switch. And, some wires could be a fuse breaker feed to a part of the house, and need to be carefully rerouted to maintain safety and code standards

Just give us a call. My Electrician can take a look, explain what does what, suggest the best way to rewire, and give you a quote to do the work.

Rest assured that our quotes are for the entire job, not an hourly rate that gives you no idea of how much you’ll be paying. Don’t be suckered into paying by the hour or searching for the company with the lowest hourly rate! The ones charging the lowest hourly rate usually aren’t as experienced, and a lack of experience will not only result in a longer repair time, but may very well leave you with unsafe work.

Your electrical circuits are one place where its best to play it safe and hire someone with experience and genuine interest in doing it right.

Exposed Electrical Wiring
Exposed Electrical Wiring ceiling
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