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Florida is a popular coastal hub for boat docks, and because of this, our team at My Electrician prioritizes the importance of effective boat dock lighting installations that will keep fisherman and sailors safe. Boat dock lights need to be bright and strategically placed, especially during the night time, and at My Electrician, we are proud to be able to offer our boat dock lighting installations for residents of Fort Pierce.


Dock Lighting installation

As a division of Miranda Home Services, My Electrician has been in the industry for many years, and we provide the best dock-lighting services at competitive, yet affordable rates. Our team of certified technicians has at least 10 years of experience or more in working with boat dock lighting installations, ensuring that the work is done both quickly and safely.

LED lights installed on docks serve many purposes, illuminating the walkways at night while also functioning as docking guides for boats so that, as they approach the dock to moor their boat, the dock is completely visible to ensure that the process goes smoothly and prevents any damage from befalling the boat or dock. Our team is comfortable with installing these white or blue lights for these purposes, in addition to other boat dock lights that will keep people safe no matter what time of night they choose to be on the docks.

When we install boat dock lights, we typically recommend installing them on posts high-up, at least a couple of feet above standing height to attract the bugs to the light and ensure that the lights aren’t in the way of visibility at any point. To light up the dock planks for better visibility, there is always the option of installing dimmer LED strips to the planks themselves, illuminating the planks and serving to light up the walkway from beneath.

We also include dim LED lighting for aesthetic purposes that can be installed as strips to the underside of the dock planks. In addition, for fishermen who are particularly fond of fishing along the docks, we can install LED lights that are designed to bait the fish. These lights can be installed underwater, to the dock stringers, or hang them off the piling to submerge the lights in water. 

With our team of local technicians always available to respond to lighting emergencies 24/7, we prioritize prompt and high-quality services. We have worked hard to build a reputation of quality services at reasonable rates, and for us the client is always first priority. Electricity and water are nothing to be taken lightly, and at My Electrician, we train our technicians to handle these installations with carefully precision in order to keep our customers safe from harm.

If you are in the Fort Pierce area and require the expertise of our professional, trustworthy staff, call My Electrician more details. We offer excellent boat dock lighting installation services at competitively priced rates, and we offer a two year guarantee on all of the work we do. See how we can assist you today!

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