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The staff at My Electrician has been in the business of installing, maintaining and repairing electrical circuits and systems for the past 17 years. As a division of Miranda Home Services, our team at My Electrician has the same integrity, high-quality workmanship, advanced techniques, and best tools so that every job we do is is perfect and long-lasting. Our crew is certified in conducting electrical inspections and repairs, and we have the knowledge and expertise required to undertake any electrical job around residential, commercial, municipal properties.

It is standard for these premises to regularly experience some form of electrical system malfunction, which is why it is also a good idea to schedule routine inspections of the same so all are in good working

industrial breaker panel repair

order and any potential problem is detected and fixed before it turns into an emergency. Getting an electrical inspection before buying or moving into a new home is always a good idea, especially if the building is an older one. Faulty wiring can result in terrible losses to property, and sometimes even life. We strive to prevent these accidents from occurring, and because of this, we make sure that our inspections are thorough and comprehensive.

When we visit a client’s home, our technicians will always work around the schedule and convenience of the client. In addition, our work is minimally invasive, and we make sure that our technicians clean up any collateral damage created during an inspection or repair. Our inspections are conducted at the start of our visit. Once the problems have been correctly diagnosed, our technicians will discuss these results with our customers and provide them with a concise and detailed report that will delineate the source of the problems as well as the best solutions for solving them. After this careful inspection is finished, our team will move forward with the necessary repairs and replacements as needed. In addition to excellent inspection and repair services, we also offer various financing plans for clients as required. Combined with our comprehensive guarantee to replace spare part or repeat any repair or replacement service that malfunctions within two years of working on it, clients know they have received fantastic electrical services complemented with affordable prices.

Our customers always come first, and because of this, we make sure that we are always readily available to serve them. Our phones are managed daily to ensure that we can assist our customers no matter what time of day it is. We respond promptly to emergency calls from our customers while maintaining our schedule for annual inspections, establishing ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable industry across Florida.

If the electrical systems in your home are older or haven’t been inspected in a long time, don’t hesitate to call My Electrician and schedule an inspection today. Our services in Fort Pierce are among the most advanced and thorough in the industry, and we look forward to providing all of our customers with excellent services. For more information, call us or reach out through our website today, and we will be happy to speak with you.

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