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Own a waterfront property or a lake in Jupiter Florida? Does the idea of nighttime boating sound interesting? For that, boat dock lighting is a wonderful idea.

Professional Boat Dock Lighting servicemen know the right way to light your docks. They know dock lighting need not be too bright. The idea is to provide just enough lighting to show the way and avoid tripping obstacles. There are security issues to consider, too. But then, to make it beautiful, we want to keep it dreamy and possibly romantic.

Dock Lighting installation

As a professional lighting company, My Electrician is interested in discussing your dock illumination requirement before initiating any project. We prepare free realistic estimates for your lighting system design and installation.

Boat Dock Lighting Options

Although there are a variety of dock lighting fixtures available in the market, the choice usually narrows down to two options.

Option 1: Wired up Lighting

The first option is to use lighting fixtures. These are wired up to the electrical power distribution system of your property. These would be running on the electrical utility supply to your home. You might observe a hike in your monthly electricity bill. Electricity charges could be minimized by using day-night timers or other convenient switching systems.

However, where floodlights are essential for dock security purposes, the connection to the electric utility supply is unavoidable. Floodlights do require a significant amount of energy to power them. These cannot be supplied through solar-powered batteries at night. If you want floodlights to illuminate your docks, wired up lighting is your best option.

Option 2: Solar Powered Lights

Solar Powered Lights are a great option if you want to cut down on your electricity bills. The solar-powered fixtures themselves might be expensive but the savings on running costs and savings in wiring and cabling could outweigh the fixture costs.

Solar powered lights provide a dim and soft glow. Hence these might be favorable for you if you share the lake or waterfront with your neighbors. You would do better to avoid any complaints from your neighbors.

Cost Estimates for Dock Lighting Fixtures

A variety of designs in solar lighting fixtures are available in the market. These include piling cap lights, light beacons, sky lights and pagoda style lights.

Solar powered LED dock lights prices range from $50 for $500 depending on your budget and aesthetic options.

Flood light prices range from US$ 150 to US$ 650 depending on the illumination level required.

A wide selection of underwater LED, halogen, and solar powered lights are available to cater to your budget and illumination needs.

Both options provide their own special advantages. We help you choose one depending on your requirements and expectations.

Dock Lighting Specialists in Jupiter, Florida

If you own waterfront property or are part of the dock management team in Jupiter, Florida please feel free to contact us at +1 561 707 5551  for a visit by our specialists to design the lighting system for your dock.

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