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If you’re lucky enough to be living in the town of Jupiter, FL, then you’re probably excited about summer. We don’t blame you. Summer time is a beautiful time of year for us here. With it come the perfect temperatures for beach trips, barbecues and more.

Unfortunately, it also brings with it severe weather, including tropical storms and hurricanes. Lightning, thunder, and torrential downpour are enough to ruin anyone’s weekend plans but those conditions don’t just pose a threat to your day at the beach or your weekend get together; they also put your electrical system at risk for damage or destruction.

As awesome as it can be to sit inside the comfort of your home and watch the show lightning puts on during severe weather, it’s important that you understand the ways lightning strikes put your electrical system at risk. One of the biggest concerns you can have as a homeowner or renter is the ability of your electrical system to handle power surges.

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Simply put, a power surge is what happens when the voltage running through your electrical system spikes momentarily. Though these electrical spikes only happen for a very brief period of time, the damage they can cause can last much longer.

Effects of a Power Surge

Whether or not you have faulty electrical wiring, the effects of a power surge can vary in degree. Household appliances connected to outlets can be damaged or even completely destroyed. Think of all the things you leave plugged into your outlets: televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, coffee makers, phone chargers, etc. Everything you use for everyday conveniences is at risk for being indisposed should your home experience a surge it is not prepared for.

But appliances and other things connected to outlets aren’t the only things at risk. Couple faulty wiring with a power surge and you have the potential for a fire in your home. Suddenly severe weather and having no power aren’t your only worries.

Surge Protectors

Most people assume storebought surge protectors are capable of eliminating the effects of a power surge. Unfortunately, when it comes to the weather we have here in Jupiter, those surge protectors simply do not make the cut. The secret here is to invest in Whole House Surge Protectors, something we’re very prepared to discuss with you more.

Home Inspection is the First Step

Before you decide to risk your home and belongings with store bought surge protectors or professional grade ones like we offer here, however, your best first step is to invest in a thorough home inspection.

Here at My Electrician, we encourage and offer professional, routine home inspections to be prepared for electrical problems like surging before they become a problem. While it’s true we’ve been lucky so far with storms this year, we all know that can change without notice.

During a home inspection, our professionals will not only take a look at your home’s ability to handle electrical surges, but we can also make sure your wiring and cables are up to standard as well. By allowing us to examine the overall health of your electrical system, you’re not just preparing for lightning strikes from summer storms, you’re investing in the overall success of your home.

Before inclement weather decides to rain on your barbecue, beach day, or Labor Day parade, give us a call at (772) 871-7945 and let us help you protect your home. A home inspection is the best way to keep money in your pocket and power in your home.

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