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Docks are a common feature in homes around the marina in Miami and owners have taken care to light them up well so they are easy to navigate towards in the dark and also for mooring the boat. A well-lit dock works as a beacon and is also a better safety option while moving on the dock itself. At My Electrician, we have been servicing boat docks

Dock Lighting installation

since 2000, and we offer high-quality services for those clients who are looking to install LED lights on their dock. We have assembled a team of local, certified technicians to work on electrical systems and they each have a minimum of 10 years’ experience, so our clients know when they call us, they’re getting the best people in the city to work for them.

The team will visit the site and work with the client in figuring the exact requirements for the dock and will be upfront about the work involved, as well as the cost, so that our customers can make informed decisions. We fit bright LED lights to the posts running along the dock, a few feet above an average person’s height. A well-lit dock helps in navigate boats to the mooring spot and walking across after nightfall, and an aesthetically lit dock is also an attractive sight on dark nights. We have the light selection for whatever look our customers want their docks to have.

The dock planks are lit up with strip lighting dimmer than the overhead lights so mosquitoes are not attracted to them. We can also fit LED strips to the underside of the planks so it gives off a pleasing glow from afar, and the light bouncing off the water enhances the beauty of this type of lighting. For our customers who are keen on fishing off the dock, we can install submerged LEDs. These lights are fitted onto piling or dock stringers, but we can also install hanging lights, even tubes up to 3 feet in length. The light given off by these LEDs attracts fish at high tide and low tide when food is easily available. For overhead lights, we usually go for a white or blue color, which reflects nicely off the water. Red lighting is said to attract fewer bugs, while blue and green lights are popular for attracting fish. Depending on what our customers want, we guide them to make the best decision on their boat dock lights and install them accordingly.

For residents living in Miami, My Electrician is the best choice for boat dock light installation services. We bring years of experience and treat each job with the same care and dedication we would our personal project. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an emergency. Our company offers affordable financing for those clients who need to pay in multiple installments, and in addition, we also offer a 2-year guarantee on our labor and parts. Try our services for your dock lighting needs, and join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers!

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