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With plenty of rental options for large pontoons and powerful jet skis, boat enthusiasts who love to spend the day on the open water are right at home in Palm Beach. If you live by the shore or own a dock where you keep your boat when its not in use, installing lighting on your dock is a necessity for those late-night returns to shore. Our team here at My Electrician understands the need to have the right amount of lighting available on your dock, and it’s because of this that we offer a wide range of dock lighting options that will help illuminate your dock and promote safety.

Dock Lighting installation

The Benefits of LED Dock Lightning

  • Dock lighting posts installed 10 or 20 feet apart will help make your walkway clearly visible, reducing the chances of accidents occurring. If the lights are tall enough, insects will be attracted to them, keeping them away from people walking along the docks.
  • Fishing enthusiasts can benefit from the underwater dock lights installed by our electricians. These lights are available in various sizes, and light up the area to attract more fish and increase a fisherman’s catch.
  • Many boat dock owners have begun using outdoor LED strips that run along the length of their docks. These lights are attached to the top of the dock stringer and underneath the planks. This effect creates a soft and inviting glow that adds brilliant details to the docks at nighttime.

Boat Dock Lighting Options for Safety and Security

The use of LED lighting has made it possible for our electricians to improve the visual area of outdoor spaces such as decks, walkways, and boat docks. These lights are affordable to use and easy for our team of professionals to install.

Anyone who lives by the sea with access to a dock can benefit from quality boat dock lighting. This light will illuminate your dock so that you can see any activity going on from a distance. While it can help to keep your boat protected from theft or harm, LED boat dock lighting can also provide you with a safe way to board or depart from your boat once the sun has gone down.  

Choose My Electrician for Your Boat Dock Lighting Needs

Our team here at My Electrician in Palm Beach has the experience needed to inspect and install high-quality LED lighting on your boat dock. We can repair your current lighting system or install new modern dock lighting along with switches and outlets in a matter of hours. Because we understand the needs of our local boat owners in Palm Beach, we are the one electrician team that you should call on any time you need to enhance the lighting on your personal boat dock.

If you are interested in installing new lighting for your boat dock in Palm Beach, call us today. We have a variety of lighting options available that can help improve the visibility of your dock, deter unwanted insects and mosquitos, and attract more fish to your area. Just let our team know what you need, and we will take care of the rest. You can contact us by phone to schedule a service call at (772) 871-7946, or you can request our services online by filling out the contact form on our website.

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