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Congratulations — you’ve found the perfect home, and are ready to move in. But even a dream home can quickly become a nightmare if major problems with the foundation, electrical wiring, insulation, plumbing, roofing, floors or windows are lying in wait.

Most real estate agents advise new homeowners to hire a professional and impartial home inspector before closing on a house. A thorough home inspection will uncover potential trouble spots and necessary repairs ahead of time and protects both the seller and realtor from issues that might prevent the sale from going through.

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The majority of banks and mortgage companies require professional inspections for homes built more than five years ago. However, even buyers of a brand-new home can benefit from knowing all the ins and outs of the house before committing to a purchase. A home may look move-in-ready, but a thorough inspection will reveal concerns that a buyer might never notice.

Protect your Investment

A home is a significant investment and it is important for buyers to have a full understanding of the property before committing to the purchase. Once the inspection is completed the home inspector will generally provide the buyer with a full report suggesting any improvements or repairs necessary to bring the home up to current standards.

If possible, buyers should be present for the entire home inspection as an educational opportunity. Home inspectors are trained to notice things a buyer might never see, and it’s valuable to view the “bones” of the house through the eyes of an expert. Depending on the size and age of the home, the inspection may take from two to five hours to complete.

Home inspections often reveal potentially expensive flaws which can give the buyer leverage to negotiate with the seller. For example, buyers can request that the seller repair the problem before the closing, or request an allowance to defray the cost of fixing it themselves. If the extent of the damage seems too problematic, the buyer has every right to walk away from the purchase.

Choosing the Right Home Inspector

Your realtor, attorney, or lending agent can probably recommend a good home inspector, but homebuyers shouldn’t be afraid to do their own research as well. The Internet makes it easy to find reviews of home inspectors and determine their reputability and legitimacy.

It’s important for home inspectors to be fully qualified. Proper qualifications include being licensed and insured, having at least a technical education, and ideally having a background in construction. Hire a home inspector without any conflicts of interest – in other words, someone completely uninvolved with any real estate or home repair business.

Home Inspection for Port St. Lucie, FL

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