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Residential electrical repairs happen. Usually they are related to changes being made with your home or business property such as the addition of a garage or outdoor lighting. Regardless of why you need residential electrical repairs in Port St. Lucie, you still must go through the city for proper permits and approvals.

The City of Port St. Lucie has gone as far as posting a printable Electrical Permit online for your convenience. In it you would fill out all the required information related to the property address, the owner’s name as well as contact details for the contractor. This is where you would enter the name My Electrician, their email, phone and other information.

The form is multi-use in that you can use it for either commercial or residential electrical repairs as long as you indicate which. After that, a detailed description of the proposed work would need to be entered such as, new lighting for a foyer, electrical service to a hot tub, power outlets for an addition or whatever the project happens to be plus detailed identification of the location of the work (bathroom, interior, or wherever).

Residential Electrical Repair

The City of Port St. Lucie states that the permit will become null and void if the authorized work does not begin within 6 months or if the job is suspended or abandoned for a six month period after work has started. This means it is important to coordinate proper scheduling with the electrical crew at My Electrician to ensure all requirements of the municipality are met.

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It is interesting to note that there are several other permits available through the city and that the Electrical Permit is not the same as one required for electrical work, plumbing, signs and various other kinds of projects which makes it a little confusing to the average home owner whether or not this is the right permit for the work you have planned for your home or business. To be sure, speak with one of the electrical contractors at My Electrician to be clear.

The permit requires signatures from both the electrical contractor and the property owner and both must be witnessed by a Notary. Remember, you must work closely with the electrical contractor to ensure all work described in the permit is completed and once it is done that an inspection is scheduled. In the City of Port St. Lucie you can also schedule various inspections online. As you can imagine, this makes for easy communication between home or business owners, contractors and the municipality.

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To book your appointment with My Electrician, call them today at (772) 871-7945 or send them an email with enough advance notice to have time for the permit process to be completed in time for work to commence. This is also when you should be planning proposed completion dates in order to schedule inspections to speed the entire process from start to finish. Consult with My Electrician for all the details related to this planning process.

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