Boat Dock Lighting Vero Beach, FL

If you own a waterfront property or a dock in Vero Beach, you can greatly improve its aesthetics through boat dock lighting. Boat dock lighting gives your property a beautiful look. My Electrician FL has been providing boat dock lighting services to dock owners since two decades. We offer the best boat lighting options, suited to your needs and budget.  

Boat Dock Lighting

Why Boat Docks Need Lighting

Many dock owners hire My Electrician FL to get their dock lights for:

  1. Security: Having your docks lit after the dark provides a great sense of security. You don’t have to be afraid of unwelcome guests making their way into your property after dark.
  2. Entertainment: With a well-lit dock, you could have the after-dark parties you have always dreamt of.
  3. Business Benefits: If your water front property acts as a business front, having it lit after dark allows you to continue offering your services even after dark.

Boat Lighting Options

We offer the following options to light your docks:

Solar Lights

Solar Lights are by far, the least expensive dock lighting option. They don’t require connection to a power outlet. They store the sun’s energy during the day and lit on their own after dark. Solar lights are also environmentally friendly. However, solar lights are usually dim. They aren’t the brightest option.  But this is good if you don’t want to annoy your neighbors with bright docks nights at night.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are a good option when you really want to light up your dock lights. They require connection with the main electrical outlet. We would be laying down new electrical lights for this. This means more cost in the long run, through utility bills. Many people choose LED lights because it allows them greater control over the lighting. Flood lights can also be dimmed when you don’t want the bright dock lights.

LED Lights

LED Lights are also a very popular option. They are a little more expensive than the solar lights but less so than the flood lights. They also require connection with your home’s power outlets. You can mount LED lights over the dock and even underground give it that special effect. LED lights have become popular because they are aesthetically very pleasing. They also offer a lot of options in terms of design and placement.

The right choice depends on your needs and budget. Our electricians will be happy to help you decide which lighting option works best for you. With that, they will also give you a free estimated quote of the work.

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Dock Wiring isn’t like regular lighting work. Your average electrician probably won’t be able to do a professional job. Boat Dock Lightning requires special consideration. You need to consider the weather, the water, and the existing electrical system.

If you are looking for professional and experienced boat dock lighting electricians, gives us a call. Vero Beach residents have trusted our electrical services for over two decades.

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