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Here at My Electrician, we know the importance of hiring a certified electrician versus a family friend or do-it-yourself electrician. Sometimes, our customers come to use after attempting a DIY electrical project and making things worse. But this is not the best option and nor is it the safest. Going with a professional electrician has many benefits, including getting the job done right and avoiding any major issues. Worst case scenarios for electrical jobs gone wrong include electrocution and the starting of a fire.

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Our professionals are insured, equipped and credible enough to fix any and all of your electrical issues in the safest and best way possible, a few of the many reasons that you should always stick to a professional electrician for your electrical needs.

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Electrician


For professional electricians, we must be certified and also insured. Electrical work is a dangerous and risky job. We want to ensure that everyone is protected while our professionals are working on your home or business. Insurance is way that we can cover our employees that risk their safety every day when working on assignments and jobs. If anything happens, insurance will cover it and make sure that everyone is taken care of.

Insurance is also used for you, the customer. Your items and property is an asset to you and we give our best efforts to make sure that things are done right and we leave your home in better condition than we left it. But no one can ever guarantee that something won’t go wrong. If we damage something, insurance will help handle any costs to cover the loss and make a replacement or fix.

Knowledge and Equipment

You should choose a certified electrician such as us because with certification comes the indication that we are trained professionals.  My Electrician employees are all equipped with the best tools to get the job done. We make sure to have the newest technologies and be up on the biggest trends in the electrical world.

Along with the proper equipment, our professionals are all thoroughly trained and experienced. With the years of business under our belts and the growth within our company, we were able to expand our business to service more customers farther than our original reach. We have learned what to look for in technicians and what skills are desired, helping us train each employee to be the best and execute their skills safely and fully.


Since 2000, My Electrician has been serving customers up and down the state of Florida. With our length of business comes credibility. Nothing is more comforting than knowing a company has a plethora of work under its belt. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can read reviews, see previous work history and look at our background. Our business has grown because of our dedicated staff and our hard working professionals.

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My Electrician continue to grow and expand our business. We are proud to have serviced the Vero Beach area for the past 17 years, and we want to continue to service our customers for many more years to come. Call us for your next electrical needs and us as your certified electrician for your safety and reassurance that the job will get done right.

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