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Local electricians in Jupiter will confirm that the summer season can be the most expensive time of year when it comes to electricity costs. But despite the sweltering heat outside, the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do inside to control your electric bill this month. If you get started now, you might make a big impact.  

Hunt for Phantom Energy

One of the easiest ways to impact your electric bill is to hunt for phantom energy in your home. You don’t need to call in the ghostbusters in this scenario. Instead, you’re looking for appliances or electrical items that are plugged in but that you rarely use. Despite rarely using them, they’re still drawing electricity each second they’re plugged in. 

Look around your house for exercise equipment, phone or computer chargers, appliances like toasters and blenders, cable boxes that you don’t use often, etc. If you have any trouble on your phantom hunt, you can also find a residential electrician nearby in Jupiter who can conduct an energy audit on your home. By unplugging these items until you actually use them, you can save on electricity costs. 

Refrigerator Maintenance

Your refrigerator is one of the biggest energy users in your home. It’s a good idea to perform regular refrigerator maintenance to ensure it’s in good shape. Regular maintenance doesn’t mean you have to get into the nuts and bolts of the machine. Instead, it means you should clean any vents of dust that might have accumulated, make sure the inside is clean, dust the coils on the back of the machine, and make sure that vents are clear of obstructions. 

You should also try to keep both your refrigerator and freezer as full as possible to lessen the electrical load. And a final trick with your fridge is to allow hot food to cool completely before storing, which is less taxing on the appliance. A few simple steps can go a long way to help reduce your energy costs. 

Replace Your AC Filter and Have Maintenance Performed

If your home has central air conditioning, this is one of the appliances drawing the most electricity in your home. It’s important to keep the machine in good shape to keep it working optimally. One way to do this is to check and change the air conditioning filter often. If the filter is clogged with dust, it won’t allow air to circulate through it easily, causing the air conditioning unit to work harder. A harder working air conditioner costs more. It’s also wise to have annual maintenance performed on your unit by a trained professional. 

Increase Thermostat Setting and Use Ceiling Fans

The Department of Energy suggests setting the thermostat as high as you can on summer days while still being comfortable inside. The less the air conditioner runs, the less electricity it will use. You can also use ceiling fans or stand-up fans to keep the air moving in your rooms, which will help to keep you cool. 

Turn Off the Lights

Finally, one of the easiest things you can do to have an impact on your electric bill this month is to turn off the lights, especially at peak usage times during the day. It’s simple really – when you leave a room, remember to turn off the light behind you. Keep lamps and other lighting off in a room during daylight hours when you don’t need them. 

If you need more help finding ways to have a positive impact on your electric bill, or just want to become a more responsible energy consumer, contact your local electrician in Jupiter today to learn more.

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