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Electricity runs our modern world today – from heating to lighting, its a necessity. But its slight malfunctioning needs to be addressed by a licensed electrician. What should a person do when he observes continuous flickering of lights, tripping of the circuit breaker, and burning smell from electrical outlets? The answer is quite simple he should send for an efficient and capable electrician. And if you are a resident of Port St. Lucie then you should give a call to trusted and competent electricians of My Electrician in Port St Lucie, Florida.

Services provided by the electrician in Port St Lucie, Florida

Here are some of the most important electrical services provided here at My Electrician that will surely help you out.

Replacement of circuit breaker

The circuit breaker is an electrical safety device that is used to safeguard your circuits from excess current and thus is a very useful component of the electrical system.

But when you notice that your circuit breaker is continuously tripping and causing a lot of problems then you should give a call to My Electrician in Port St. Lucie. Our efficient electricians will take care of the problem once and for all by replacing the circuit breaker with a properly sized or new circuit breaker.

Home rewiring

Home wiring replacement is a must-do, especially for old homes where the wiring system has strained. Sometimes, no matter how many more energy-saving and smarter electronics you use, nothing gets better.

Well, it may be time for you to get new home wiring. And for this very purpose, you need to have the competent and efficient services of electricians at My Electrician. Our staff is trained and task-oriented which provides you with a home rewiring experience like never before.

Whole home generators

Have you ever felt an intense need for a generator when the power suddenly goes out while you are working on something really important?

In the moment-to-moment varying weather of Florida, it is impossible to rely on the house power supply because it can go out at any moment.

It is time that you get a whole house generator service at the hands of well-trained and extremely competent electricians of My Electrician in Port St. Lucie. They will not only provide the whole house generator installation service efficiently but will also take care of minor details. Also, will inform you about any other malfunctioning present.

Replacement of electrical panel

No one can deny the importance of an electrical circuit panel. It is the major component of the electrical system that distributes the electrical power to different circuits. But sometimes it is this component of the electrical system that is not functioning very properly and thus can cause many problems like the flickering of lights, and unequal power distribution to different electrical appliances.

However, you can always get your old and malfunctioning electric panel replaced by giving us a call. We have a competent team of professionals that ensure the safe replacement of old electrical circuit panels and after installation also check the functioning of the entire electrical system.

GFCI or residual current circuit breaker

In the modern world today, it is necessary to install GFCI ( ground fault circuit interrupters ) at many locations in the house. It reduces the risk of electric shocks and electrocution when there is a faulty plug or near water.

According to recent electrical code updates, it is mandatory to have a residual current circuit breaker in case of leakage of current to the ground.

Hiring an electrician for this purpose is advisable. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can install GFCI everywhere you need efficiently taking account of your safety.

Updating the electrical codes

If you are a resident of an old home then you must update your electrical codes. Most of the old homes have two-prong wire systems and tubes. The knob wiring is not quite safe and efficient.

So, the electrical codes should be updated. For this purpose give call to My electrician in Port St Lucie, Florida. Our experienced and competent electricians will be there to help you.

Programmable lighting

Coming home to a dark home is not safe. If your exterior ligting is not on a timer or dusk/dawn sensor, now is the time to upgrade! Now you can take the control of your home’s lighting even when you are miles away with the programmable lighting service provided by our electricians.

Our competent and efficacious electricians will be happy to provide you with programmable lighting service that allows you to have complete control of your house lighting through your cell phone or computer. This is a very useful method and provides safety to your house.

Additional services are provided at My electrician in Port St Lucie, Florida

The additional services provided by My Electrician include: dock lighting, lighting repair, LED upgrades, switch repairs, home electrical upgrades, etc.

Contact My Electrician in Port St Lucie, Florida

None of us can afford to have a slight malfunction in our electrical system. If left unchecked electricity malfunctioning can lead to dangerous consequences that nobody wants. If you are facing any of the above-mentioned problems the solution lies just a click away. Contact My Electrician to get your electrical jobs completed by experienced, reliable, trained, and competent electricians. Click here to contact us.