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In the heat of the summer, when the mercury is soaring, your electric bill is probably soaring too. It’s possible to have a positive impact on electrical usage and to conserve electricity even in the hot Florida summer. A home electrical repair service in Palm City can help you to ensure that your electrical systems are in optimal working order. It’s also wise to learn which appliances in your home use the most electricity. 

Your air conditioner

It’s almost unfathomable to imagine not using your air conditioner during the hot Florida summer. But this electricity consuming beast has one of the biggest impacts on your monthly electric bill. An average 2-ton air conditioning unit uses almost four times as many kilowatts per month as the next appliance on this list. Having a home electrical repair service in Palm City come in to ensure everything is working efficiently is a smart way to ensure that your spending money on cool air and not an inefficient system. You can also help cut these costs by keeping the air moving in rooms with ceiling fans and keeping your thermostat set at a higher setting. 

Your water heater

Luckily in Florida, in summer, long hot showers aren’t a favorite pastime. Your water heater is the next appliance on the list that uses the most electricity in your home. The kilowatts used per month pale in comparison to your air conditioning unit, but this appliance can still make a dent in your monthly bill. Conserve electricity by increasing the temperature setting on your hot water heater, and making a conscious effort to use less hot water when cool water will do the trick.

Your refrigerator

The next biggest consumer of electricity in your house is your refrigerator. This appliance is absolutely necessary to safely store food and there are few things you can do to help it do its job more efficiently. Impact your electric bill by letting food cool before adding it to the fridge, keeping your fridge well-stocked, keep it clean and keep it closed.   

A few more offenders

Rounding out the top five biggest energy sucking appliances are your clothes dryer, your oven, and the lights in your home. You can have a positive impact on your electric bill each month by conserving your use of these appliances. Consider installing a clothesline in your backyard if possible and take advantage of the summer sunshine to dry your clothes. Consider using an outdoor grill instead of your oven on hot summer days. Also, consider turning off the lights an opening your blinds to take advantage of the natural light. 

My Electrician, Inc. is a division of Miranda Home Services and has been serving the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches from Vero Beach down to West Palm Beach since 2000. Our electricians each have 10+ years of experience, so they can properly diagnose and complete your home or business electrical service. If you need an electrician, make sure you call us at (877) 310-4582!

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