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Work with electrical circuits is not for the faint of heart and can be incredibly dangerous for the inexperienced homeowner. And if you aren’t usually inclined to do those kinds of projects, you should definitely leave them to the pros. There are plenty of reasons to keep a local electrician on speed dial, but here are four situations that mean that you should waste no time to make the call.  

Are your outlets hot? 

If when you plug things into your outlets and use them for a while, the outlet plate becomes hot, it might be time to call a local electrician. It’s never a good thing if your outlet gets hot and it could signal a fire hazard that deserves immediate attention from a professional who can properly diagnose the problem. A hot outlet is a signal that too much electricity is hitting that spot and cause a potentially dangerous situation. 

Flickering lights?

It’s a common scenario—the family is tucked away in a comfortable space on a cozy even spent watching movies—when the lights flicker. Is the weather rolling in? Nothing on the radar. The flickering could indicate that you have an electrical problem on your hands that you should see about soon. Chances are the flickering is caused by loose electrical connections in your home that can be potentially dangerous.  

Smell something burning?

If you ever smell burning in your home that can’t be easily explained, there are definitely two calls that you should make—your local fire department first and your trusted local electrician Palm Beach Garden second. Electrical fires can burn slowly and smolder in walls for a while before any visible flames are seen. Whatever the problem may be, you should definitely trust a pro to fix it.  

Rodents or lightning

Rodents can really do a number on the electrical wiring of your home. If you’ve identified rodents, you should call in an electrician for a thorough check just to be sure all wiring is as it should be. The same goes for lightning. If you suspect your home was struck by lightning, or otherwise damaged by a power surge, you should call in the pros for peace of mind.

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