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The holidays are fast approaching and the time to decorate your home will soon be here. Holiday decorating injuries are more common than you might think with the Centers for Disease Control estimating that more than 15,000 emergency visits each year are caused by decorating injuries. Since many holiday decor items utilize electricity, calling in an electrician near you in Stuart to check out your circuits and plugs might be a good, safe way to start the holiday season.

1. Use battery-operated decor

One way to get away from overburdening your electric system and needing to call in an electrician near you in Stuart for an emergency situation is by using battery-operated decorative items. There are plenty of options for battery-operated lights currently on the market and countless other festive items are sold powered by batteries. Replacing batteries for the season might get expensive, so it’s best to always try and buy quality products and read customer reviews.  

2. Keep your tree watered

One of the easiest yet most important tasks during the holiday season to keep your home and family safe is to keep your tree watered. Experts recommend watering your tree daily and keeping at least 5 quarts of water in your tree stand for an average size tree. Of course, if you utilize an artificial tree, this is a task you won’t have to worry about.   

3. Turn things off at night 

Another way to keep your holiday decorations safe is to turn everything off at night when you go to bed. Turning off lights, lit mantle pieces, holiday village pieces, and anything else that runs on electric power, should be on only when you’re around to keep an eye on them. Turning everything off at night will also save on your electric bill for the holiday season.  

4. Don’t overload circuits

Although it’s tempting to connect several strands of lights together, plug them into an extension, and plug the single extension cord plugged into an outlet, you probably shouldn’t. This kind of load can easily overload a circuit and cause bigger problems that will require the help of an experienced electrician in Stuart. If you have to plug several lights into one spot, you should search for an adapter of some sort that will achieve the look you want, safely. 

5. Avoid outdoor power lines

Outdoor decorations share your Christmas spirit with the world around you. When decorating your roofline or tall trees, you should be careful to avoid any overhead power lines which would deliver a huge shock if touched. If a part of your property is near these overhead hazards, it’s best to stay away and add that holiday charm in another corner of your front yard.

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