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7 Fresh Ideas for Dock Lighting Installation

Dock lighting is both a safety necessity and an ambiance creator. It’s important that you have good lighting near any water around your home and if you’re going to spend the money, you might as well have an outdoor space that looks inviting. If you need help implementing one of these fresh ideas for dock lighting, enlist the help of an electrical contractor in Jupiter today.  

  1. Underwater lights 

If you’re looking for an innovative way to light your waterfront, consider installing underwater lights. An electrical contractor in Jupiter can explain how just a couple of these lights make a big impact depending on the size of your waterfront, and the many colors that these lights come in. They also offer the added benefit of attracting fish right to your dock.    

  1. Solar power

Wiring lights around water can get tricky, and one way to do so safely is by installing solar lights around your outdoor space. These lights are powered by the sun so make little impact on your dock’s energy consumption. They switch on and off when the sun sets and rises, come in all shapes and sizes and it’s possible to find a solar light that looks great in any space. 

  1. Flush-mounted lights

Flush mounted lights are a popular choice for dock lighting. They are installed to lay flat against the ground and be walked upon making them perfect for stairs or a pathway leading to your boat. These kinds of lights can be powered by electricity and come in solar options, either of which an experienced electrical contractor can install for you.  

  1. Motion-activated lights

Motion-activated lights are one of your best energy-friendly options when it comes to dock lighting. As the name suggests, these lights illuminate only when motion is detected in a defined space. One drawback of motion-activated lights in your dock space is that they do require motion which isn’t ideal if you’re relaxing on your dock without much movement.

  1. Piling lights

Pilings are the support system of your dock. They are often built with wood, steel, composite or cement materials and are a typical place to add dock lighting to your marine space. These lights come in a variety of styles and an electrical contractor in your area can help you pick the one most suitable for your piling material and dock design.   

  1. Pedestal lights

Pedestal dock lights are lights that sit on top of your pilings or other higher surfaces within your dock space. These come in many designs and can be motion activated and even solar-powered to help cut down on your monthly electric bill. Pedestal lights can provide ample lighting on your waterfront space and make an attractive lighting choice for this space. 

  1. Colored wharf lights

If your dock space has a dedicated entrance and exit, consider using colored lights to mark each path. You might choose red for the exit and green for the entrance to remind yourself and to let visitors know from which direction they should approach your dock. Using colored lights can also distinguish your dock from neighboring docks as visitors approach your waterfront.  

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