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Household electricity makes life very convenient – from television, kitchen appliances, to light on demand and in every corner of your home, just to name a few. But electricity can also be a dangerous and is never something to mess with unless you’re experienced and well-equipped to handle the risk. That’s why it’s best to leave all household electrical matters to the professionals. And if you’re undertaking a home renovation, or new home construction you’ll need renovation electrical services Stuart a few times before the job is done. 

Temporary setup

If your residential construction project includes building a brand new home, one of the first people on your job site will be your electrician. They will need to go on the property to set a pole from which temporary electricity will run to the building site. This electricity source is necessary for a crew to come in to build the foundation of your home and frame up the walls. 

Planning it

Once the frame of your home is in place, meaning the studs that will make up the walls of your home, an electrician will come in again. During this trip, they will run an electrical cable to all the places in your home here you want it to go. That means every plug, switch, appliance, and even ceiling fan must be predetermined at this phase so the electrician can pull cable to these spots. .  


After the rough layout is completed, the building crew can then close in the framing with drywall. Openings are left to allow for switches, outlets, whole house systems like your HVAC, and the like. Your electrician will come back in at this point to finish installing these fixtures in your home.  

Testing it

After all the previous phases, and inspections are completed, your electrician will have to come back to the building site one more time for the final testing stage. During this stage the electrical services Stuart provider will go through the home and test every single outlet and switch to ensure proper function. If something isn’t working as it should, this is their opportunity to figure out why and to fix it.

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