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So you need to hire an electrician but you’re not really sure where to start. There are hundreds of companies, both local and national, that all seem to do pretty much the same thing. But how do you decide? Well, the first thing you should always do is make sure the electrician you are about to hire is in fact licensed. Asking for proof of an electrician’s license not only protects you and your home, but also ensures you get a quality service.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrician in Port St. Lucie, FL?

The benefits of hiring a licensed electrician grossly outweigh the benefits of hiring an unlicensed one. It’s also important to know the difference between a certified and registered electrician. An electrician who is fully certified is able to work in any area of the United States. A registered electrician is only allowed to practice his craft in the area he or she is registered in. This certification requires the most training and education, which usually means certified electricians have more experience under their tool belts. If you do not hire either a certified or registered electrician, you run the risk of covering any damages or legal action yourself.

1.) Properly trained

A licensed electrician has gone through the proper training, education and testing necessary to be awarded their certification. Completing this training means that an electrician has the necessary skill set and can perform those skills correctly. Just as you would not consult a pre-med student when you have a sickness, you wouldn’t hire an untrained person to work on your home’s electrical system.

2.) Acquire permits

Certain electrical work requires permits. If you don’t hire a licensed electrician you could be trying to obtain the correct permits yourself. Also, a licensed electrician in Port St. Lucie will know what types of permits and forms certain electrical work in Colorado requires. They will be able to handle that process for you and make sure you are properly following city ordinances.

3.) Know the codes

There are different standards and electrical codes homes need to adhere to for safety purposes. If you hire an electrician without the proper training and knowledge your home could be in violation of certain building or safety codes. Licensed electric professionals have the know-how and resources to ensure your home is safely wired.

4.) Accountability

Licensed electricians are aware of the certain dangers of their job and therefore are properly insured against any accidents on the job. If you do not hire a licensed electrician they probably are not insured either. This means if there is an accident and the electrician is injured on your property you are held accountable and could be fronting all the legal fees. Licensed electricians are protected against on-the-job accidents and therefore you are protected against unsafe business practices.

5.) Access to proper tools and equipment

A licensed electrician has access to the proper tools and equipment for a job. They are also able to order parts and electrical equipment they need through their business. Unlicensed electricians could use the wrong parts and/or wrong tools on your home, leaving you with even more costly repairs.

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