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Accidents while decorating for the holidays and fires caused by decorations caused homeowners more than $19 million last year alone. No one wants to think of those kinds of statistics as the holidays approach, but decorating with the right frame of mind is necessary to avoid a tragic situation. Here are a few safety tips for putting up holiday lights and decorations from an electrician near you in Stuart

Water live trees

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that more than 160 house fires start each year from live Christmas trees inside the home. Your friendly electrician near you in Stuart wants you to know that it’s easy to avoid becoming one of those homeowners. If you plan on having a fresh cut tree this year, be sure to water it immediately when you get home and choose a spot for the tree that is far away from any heating sources in your home.  

Don’t overload circuits

Another key point when it comes to safely decorating with lights for the holidays, is to be careful not to overload the circuits in your home. Experts suggest using LED lights that consume less energy than standard light strings. They also suggest using a power strip to power your lights to protect the circuit, turning lights off at night time and when you’re not home, and to spread plugs around to as many outlets as you can rather than overloading one conveniently placed plug.  

Turn things off at night

Although it may be tempting to leave your Christmas lights on all the time, it’s wise to turn them off at night or if you plan on leaving your house for a prolonged period of time. LED lights produce less heat than standard light strings, but even they can overheat if left on for too long. Consider adding a timer to your decorations that will take care of this chore for you and ensure you never forget to flip the switch before bedtime.  

Careful on ladders and roofs

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 200 people each day during the holiday season find themselves in an emergency room seeking treatment for an injury sustained while hanging Christmas lights. Falls can be minor, life-altering or even lethal. It’s important to use great care when hanging lights on your house or tree from a ladder, and especially when climbing on your roof.  

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